Sunday, September 4, 2011


Do you know about fish? Well I know a little something about them. I had a break through the other day. I was talking to Orion and I realized something. The words spilled out of my mouth and I was shocked to hear myself. I am like a fish. If you put a fish in a small tank they will stay the same size. There is no need for them to grow because they are already big enough for the tank. But, if you take that same fish and put it in a bigger tank it will grow. It will get bigger because it is necessary to survive. (On a side note this only works over a long period of time and it's different for every fish). Well I was the perfect size for my little tank in SLO. I was so comfortable I had no reason to grow or challenge myself. Now that I live on the surface of the sun the tank is huge! I am not use to being surrounded by so many fish that I don't know. I need to grow in order to survive. With that attitude I am happy to announce that I am no longer looking at living here as something that I have to endure, but as something that will help me better myself. I now have the opportunity to grow and become even stronger. I guess the surface of the sun is not that bad.

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