Monday, May 7, 2012

The Cookie Monster Strikes AGAIN!

I swear if you really did turn into what you ate Orion would be a cookie. He just loves them so much. In fact I wonder if I was horrible at making cookies if he would still love me..... I am hoping that the answer would still be yes, but you can never be too sure.

Twenty minutes before he is going to leave for work he asks me to make him a sandwich. Not a problem because I am a nice wife and make lunch for my husband. How else is he going to eat at work? Eat frozen burritos everyday? If left he had to be in charge of his lunch everyday at work it probably would be frozen burritos everyday. GROSS! As I am getting the stuff out of the fridge for his lunch he asks me to make him cookies as well. My reply was that there was not enough time for them to cool before he left. This of course did not faze him. So I made both for him, because lets remember I am an awesome wife.

I found him in the kitchen doing this once the cookies were done. What is it that he is doing?

Why cooling off the cookies in the freezer of course.
My husband is either a genius or crazy. I will with hold my personal opinion.

I will have to add that it was his idea to document his actions. He said this would be perfect on our blog.

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  1. haha you are a great wife! and cooling the cookies off in the freezer? genius.