Saturday, May 5, 2012

So ever since I was little I have loved Slurpee's. There is just something about drinking crushed up ice with tons of sugar in it that I can't get enough of.
This picture could not describe my love of Slurpee's better. Now that I am pregnant I want a Slurpee almost everyday. Lucky for me I have some self control, at least when Orion is around. But today I lost all self control. I took Orion to work and went straight to the nearest 7-11 and got a large one of these bad boys. I felt justified in buying such a large drink by saying the baby needs to gain weight. It only weighs 2.5 pounds at the moment. Well probably more now since I have been downing this monster sized drink. 

Lately I feel like I can justify eating anything because the baby needs it. It is going to a tough day when I no longer can say that. I will no longer get to have a second cupcake because I am pregnant or be allowed to eat chocolate in front of my nieces without having to share. My niece Victoria will love this because she does not think it is fair that I get to eat whenever I want to and she does not. Her mom keeps telling that I get too because I am pregnant. That excuse is only good for a little while longer. I guess I better live it up while I still can! :)

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