Monday, May 14, 2012

My little nephew Tobin is probably the funniest kid I know. He will be four soon and I hope he continues to be this funny his entire life. One time he got mad at me for something and told me "Get out mine house." The next minute he told me "You stay mine house forever."  I honestly could not love this kid more.

On Saturday my brother-in-law got married. It was super hot (remember I live on the surface of the sun during the summer), my back was hurting (being 31 weeks pregnant does that to you), and I was starving (another side effect from being pregnant). Other than that the wedding was lovely.

The best part though was when Tobin decided to pee outside. The bathrooms were locked for some reason and he decided that was not going to stop him from doing his business. Not a minute after he peed did he decide that it was time to poop. Luckily I sent his father into to stop him before he actually pooped outside. It was the funniest thing I have ever since. Did I take a picture of this funny event? No. Did the photographer? No. Tobin was sneaky enough to do his business on the other side of the field from where everyone was gathered. At least he has manners not to poop in front of everyone.


  1. Good gravy!! 31 weeks!! Time zooming by!!

  2. LOL I love Tobin too!! I his defence the bathroom was locked before but then unlocked and he didn't know it. So the first time his dad took him discretly aside. The second time he decided to just take care of himself!! LOL The photographer might have gotten a pic LOL!!