Friday, May 11, 2012


I have to be honest. I have a love hate relationship with Craigs list. I love that you can sell stuff on there for free, but I hate that sometimes you have to deal with flaky people. Today I sold a car rack. We bought it last year and used it only once. I have tried to sell it at least twice before but with no luck. Then yesterday I thought, hey you should try to sell it again. Then BAM tons of people wanted to buy it.

The guy who bought it ended up showing up almost 2 hours after we planned on meeting. He apologized and paid the price we asked, but it was pretty annoying dealing with him. Now I have the money to drive over to the coast for my baby shower (#1) at the end of the month. So thanks semi annoying guy for taking this ugly thing off my hands.

Now I want to find even more stuff to sell. I always get such a rush from selling things.

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