Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just for Orion

This weekend our good friends DJ and Kylie came to visit. I wish I could say they came just to see us, but that is not the truth. They came for my brother-in-law's wedding, but they did spend most of their time with us. Their anniversary is at the end of the month so Kylie will not be able to attend my baby shower on the coast. So she brought the baby a present early! What a nice lady she is. She is so nice that she even brought Orion a present so he would not feel left out.
Oh wait that is for the baby... We all know that Orion really wanted to have a boy, but is still really happy to have a girl. Kylie thought this would be the closest he could get to "manly" things with our little lady.
This one is definitely a little more boyish, but still really cute. I think this was the best present ever! I could not help but laugh when I saw these. I am sure our little lady will be wearing these little guys often. Thanks DJ and Kylie for being such great friends!

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