Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lessons in parenthood

My sister-in-law Rebekah has been such a blessing during this pregnancy! She has given me so much advice and free stuff. Well I am technically borrowing the stuff until she has another baby. If things go according to her husband she won't be having another baby any time soon or ever. So we will see what happens. But if she has a boy then I get to keep most of the stuff she has given me because it is girly! (Is it wrong that I secretly hope I just get to keep everything? Maybe you should not answer that.)

She gave (lent) us a pac and play crib that came with a bassinet attachment. I have never used a pac and play and neither has Orion. When we put it together we wondered what this extra attachment was. I guessed it might be a bassinet, but Orion's guess was the best. He thought it was a a mesh net that you put over the top of the crib so the baby does not crawl out. It is like a cage for you kid he suggested. I of course could not stop laughing. Clearly he spends too much time at work. We called Rebekah later and she informed us what it was. Although Orion's idea was pretty funny. I don't plan on putting out children in a cage. I wonder what Orion will do when I am gone and wants to keep the child out of his hair.....

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